Henry says Ledley is The BESTEST!

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Yes, that is a direct quote. Thierry Henry has put aside any bias and named Tottenham’s Ledley King as the defender he finds fairest, and also the most difficult to play against.

The Arsenal legend and occasional French person started off moaning about defenders who tug on shirts,

He said: “I don’t like defenders who hold the shirts of other players. The only defender here who doesn’t do that and sometimes still gets the ball off my feet easily is Ledley King.”

“He is the only guy who doesn’t hold players. He will get the ball off you without you even noticing. For me, that is a good defender.”

“He plays without any contact yet is somehow still strong and gets the ball without doing any fouls.”

Thierry’s claims are backed up by the fact that Ledley King has been booked just 5 times since the 1998/99 season.

Considerable praise indeed considering the source…unless he was being sarcastic, always difficult to tell with these moody types.