Want to humiliate your friends?

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Just a quick note that our friends over at Footyweb.com are starting up brand new games ahead of Saturday’s 2006/07 Premiership kickoff, so check it out before the weekend for a shot at the weekly cash pot.

You put in just £2.50, make a few predictions, answer a couple of questions (see left sample) and whoever ends up with the most right answers wins the cash pot. Simple, easy and, unless you’re a complete idiot, a quick way to win some money.

Perfect if you (like us) have always liked the idea of Fantasy Football but (like us) can’t be arsed. Also, unlike regular Fantasy Football you won’t have to wait until the end of the season just to collect 5 quid from whichever mates didn’t lose interest halfway through.

There’s a weekly cash prize and an end-of-season jackpot; last season the season winner won £580 and the weekly winners pocketed over £650 between them. The more people that play, the bigger the prizes get so you’d do well to persuade some of your less knowledgeable friends to participate (preferably with a deluded sense of optimism for their crap club).

The most satisfying victories over your peers involve humiliation and cash reward, and Footyweb can give you a weekly dose of both.