Who will we laugh at this season?

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Ah, the opening weekend of a new Premiership season, a time for unbridled optimism and wide-eyed dreams of glory. Everything is up for grabs and all attentions turn to what might be achieved, what potential might be realised, and what glory might be achieved.

Everyone thinks this is their year, and they won’t shut up about it.

But there will inevitably be clubs, players and managers who simply aren’t up to the task. Failure can take many forms – maybe they didn’t live up to expectations, maybe they had a string of bad luck, or maybe they were utter toss. Regardless of what the reason ends up being, they will look back on this season as utter disappointments.

And they will be mocked.

The list of candidates for potential mockery is extensive, the reasons varied. The only common denominator is that they think the football world is theirs to dominate this year. Hopes and expectation are at their all time high. Every new signing is going be a star, every player is going to have a break out year, every club is going to get that European place and everyone is going to topple Chelsea.

But for the vast majority, the reality will be a hilarious reality check.

So which clubs or players do you think will we be laughing this coming season?