Chelsea aren’t even trying anymore

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When you have infinite transfer funds, it’s hard enough to convince your critics that you’re actually doing some scouting and not just signing up whoever happens to be mentioned in FourFourTwo that month, but Chelsea aren’t even trying anymore.

Mourinho’s Mini-me Steve Clarke was sent to speak to the press about the club’s latest signing, Dutch defender Khalid Boulahrouz,

“He is a good competitive player and will be a good addition to our squad,” Clarke told Chelsea TV

“He can play centre back or either full back. I think he is right-footed and it is important to have one or two players around the squad who can play in a number of different positions.”

He thinks he’s right footed? At least the real Jose puts a little effort into convincing us that there’s been some level of skill and thought behind Chelsea’s success, or does Steve Clarke not actually having any importance at the club besides attending press conferences no one else wants to?