Ronaldinho Finally Good For Something

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After proving at the World Cup that football isn’t really ‘his thing’, the famously bucktoothed Barcelona player and part-time Chelsea target is now the lucky recipient of his own line of bottle openers.

As the bewildering and poorly translated website Fun Reports explains,

“Since the national hero did not manage to pop open any of the gates of the opposing teams during the World Cup let him now succeed in popping the ordinary bottles – decided the Brazilian producers. Such is their reaction to the fruitless presentation of the soccer champion in Germany.”

“The new product was widely enjoyed by the local torcideros. Such a funny bottle opener equipped with a pair of Ronaldinho’s famous teeth (which are instrumental in the cap popping process) brought smiles and wiped away the tears of bitter disappointment after the recent failure of the nation’s favorite team.”

Excellent. We’ve always said that our beer-opening process could stand to use a little more hilarity, and these would certainly be a smash hit with a line of Premiership versions. But in the meantime if someone could just figure out how to get our hands on a couple, we’re pretty sure this one will be a favourite with the ladies.