The Premiership’s True Ambassadors

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The draw for the glorious UEFA cup is complete.

Among the numerous clubs that no one has even remotely heard of there are a few lucky Premiership clubs venturing into far off, and likely incredibly dangerous, countries in an attempt to win the European equivelent of the League Cup (complete with Middlesbrough as a recent finalist):

Tottenham vs Slavia Prague (Czech)
West Ham vs Palermo (Italy)
Blackburn vs Salzburg (Uh…Germany?)
Newcastle vs Levadia Tallinn (???)

Newcastle certainly are the favourites to progress out of this early stage, with Tottenham Sporting Director Damien Comolli showed why he should focus on transfers and leave the motivating to Martin Jol. West Ham have started the season well and showed good cup form in their FA cup final run while Blackburn…uh…well…

Anyway, after Middlesbrough’s romp to last year’s final the expectation must surely be for similar success from at least one of these Premiershp clubs.

And as with any cup draw, the only disappointment is that Newcastle vs Levadia Tallinn should really have been the final.