Woodgate Looks REALLY Weird

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I mean, the hair is one thing. A little girly, but the lad’s been in Spain for a while so it’s only natural he’s picked up the whole alice-band thing.

The shirt is another matter altogether, at first it looked like a bunch of flowers but now appears to be some kind of weird asian art. The stained glass window behind him only adds to confusion, is he at his nan’s house?

Regardless, plenty of clubs are looking to sort out a deal for the Real Madrid defender as Fabio Capello hopes a stint on loan will help him regain fitness. Liverpool, Arsenal, Newcastle and of course Portsmouth are some of the names being tossed about.

Amusingly, Woodgate watched one of those hoping to bring him back to England, Middlesbrough, get savagely beaten 4-0 by Pompey. Even worse, Harry Redknapp laughed so manically after the performance that his facial flaps enveloped wee Stuart Downing.

Even Southgate was embarassed, and he’s beyond ugly so you know it takes something special to make him feel uncomfortable.

Anyway, Woodgate is a cert to ply his trade once again in the Premiership this season and will be hoping that, whoever he runs out for, his debut goes a little better than his last one. Oh, and that they have plenty of shops that sell ridiculous clothing. Because he dresses funny.