Watford Want Europe?

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Apparently Watford boss Andy Boothroyd believes that Watford can finish in the top 10 this season, and reach Europe within three years. Quite a bold statement for a club with one point,

“Last August, I was probably the only one who thought we were going to be promoted from the Championship,” Boothroyd recalled before the weekend’s loss against Manchester United.

“And at this moment, I’m probably the only one who thinks that, if I can get everything in place that I want, we could finish in the top 10 this year.”

“I was thinking about what we’d have to do to get into Europe within three years, and what we would have to do to emulate teams like West Ham and Wigan, Bolton and Charlton.

“I want to go beyond those clubs.”

Admittedly, while many supporters are not quite so excited about their prospects, there are those who have taken plenty of positives from the fact that Watford have fought well in each of their matches – United in particular – and should start picking up points here and there before long.

Ambition is fantastic and you won’t get anywhere without it, but considering that the club was two matches into the season at the time of talking it’s interesting to see Boothroyd putting creating such expectations for his players and fan base so early.