Sven Not Only A Bad Coach, Also Insane

Ahead of the “difficult” match against football giants Macedonia (talk about getting your excuses lined up) Chelsea and England captain John Terry revealed that not only was Sven Goran Eriksson a terrible coach, he was also apparently a nutter and – surprisingly – a control freak,

“It’s even down to the small things like the lads travelling in tracksuits to and from games,” said Terry.

“They are a lot more comfortable than suits.”

“We’ve had a small thing as well with mini-bars, just cokes and oranges and things like that.”

“In previous trips with Sven it wasn’t allowed.”

“But we’re all grown-ups and if I wake up in the night and want a coke or an orange juice I should be able to do that.”

“It’s about making sure every angle is covered so that when we go on the pitch it’s down to the players totally, so we’ve got no excuses.”

That last part is too right, the players have all the oranges and cokes they need so there should be no excuses.

One thing is for sure, a win on Wednesday will mean that victories over Greece, Andorra and Macedonia will send the England coach, players and press into a hysterical frenzy of delight – and why not?