Villa, Chelsea, Arsenal, Least Popular Teams In Premiership

Dignified UK weekly magazine “Nuts” recently asked supporters which Premiership club was their favourite other than the one they supported, and the results were rather interesting in some ways, completely unsurprising in others.

Liverpool came out top as the neutral’s favourite with West Ham and Wigan in tow. The most shocking result of the survey was that Aston Villa, not Chelsea, were bottom with Arsenal rounding out the bottom three. It says a lot that, even with rampant Anti-Chelsea sentiment, Villa still beat them out. Although we’re assuming that this was conducted prior to the arrival of World’s Greatest Manager Martin O’Neill.

“Liverpool have provided a huge amount of entertainment, over the last year or so starting with the Champions League win and culminating in the stunning Steven Gerrard goal in the F.A. Cup Final,” Nuts Sports Editor Gershon Portnoi said.

“I think The Toon’s popularity may have taken a dip during Graeme Souness’ time at the helm. It’s great to see Wigan and West Ham up there. Everyone loves an underdog and they certainly entertained and gave many of the bigger clubs a scare last season.”

“Nuts” may be one of those magazines we “accidentally” stumble upon while looking for The Financial Times, but if there’s one thing they know it’s how to encourage a good poll.

The “Nuts” Magazine Popularity Table

Liverpool 15%
West Ham United 10%
Wigan Athletic 9%
Newcastle 8.5%
Tottenham Hotspur 7%
Bolton 7%
Charlton 6%
Manchester United 6%
Portsmouth 5%
Manchester City 4%
Watford 3.5%
Reading 3.5%
Everton 3%
Blackburn 3%
Fulham 3%
Sheffield United 2.5%
Middlesbrough 2.5%
Chelsea 2%
Arsenal 1.5%
Aston Villa 1%