United Supporters Dish It Out, But Can’t Take It

Below are two quotes in response to Ferguson’s heavy criticism of some Manchester United supporters’ response to, first, BSkyB’s attempted takeover and then to the Glazers. The latter resulted in some fans forming FC United in protest while others actually asked Ferguson to resign as a statement of support for them.

Strangely, Sir Alex did not respond positively to the request to prematurely put an end to his lifelong career and future aspirations for the sake of a few angry blokes he doesn’t know. The response?
IMUSA said:

“Fergie is turning into the Marie Antoinette of Old Trafford, because the stuff he is coming out with is tantamount to saying `Let them eat cake.”

“Everyone associated with United has taken money out of the football club. The only people who have constantly given to it are the fans, and that gives them the right to have a say as to how the club is run.”

An FC United spokesperson said:

“It’s sad that Ferguson has chosen to make these comments because a war of words does no-one any good.”

“When David Gill made similar comments it was easier to dismiss, but it hard to swallow when it comes from Sir Alex, who as a previous champion of supporters’ rights should have a better understanding of the situation.”

Are we the only ones tired of the whole “we pay your wages” line that some football supporters use as an excuse to do treat their club, its staff, and their players however they please?

Fans are responsible for probably the same proportion of revenue of McDonald’s as they are of these football clubs, but would any of them start thinking its ok to tell the corporation how to conduct its business or who can or can not run the company? Or hang banners calling the CEO a tw*t for not selling a Bigger Mac?

And the Bigger Mac is a great idea, no matter what anyone says.