Cole Says All The Wrong Things

Ashley Cole is struggling somewhat to find the right things to say in the public eye, which actually makes him a perfect fit for Chelsea right now considering the efforts of Jose Mourinho, Frank Lampard and the club’s own PR department have been received as well as a hammer to the testes.

An article in The Telegraph features a number of rather interesting quotes,

“I don’t think I got respected or held in as high regard as I should have been at Arsenal. I gave my heart to Arsenal while I was there. I was honest when I was there.”

“People think I am a greedy pig. But it’s nothing like that. I am genuine. I want to win things and play for the club I am at. It’s never been about money, for me it’s about respect.”

“Of course I will have something in my heart for them, but now I am a Chelsea player and so I am a Chelsea fan now. You can’t expect me to say I support Arsenal when I am at Chelsea. It’s not right is it.”

The bits about him being honest are rather curious. And by curious, we mean pant-wettingly hysterical.

The Telegraph points out that Cole vowed never to play for Arsenal again last June before signing up for another year at the club when his wages were sufficiently upped. Oh, and then there was the whole secret-meeting-with-Chelsea thing that didn’t really scream “honest” to anyone.

Cole’s upcoming book will no doubt cause even more grief for Arsenal and its supporters. Even though Chelsea have been given the right of approval on any content in the book, their current form leaves us doubting they’ll have any problem with dragging Arsenal’s name through the dirt.