It’s Official, Downing Is Better Than Lennon

For some unknown reason, the official Middlesbrough website has rather bizarrely decided to come out and make a case that Stuart Downing is the better, more effective player than Tottenham’s Aaron Lennon. The cusp of the argument is that Lennon is all “tricks and flicks” while Downing produces end product that the “London media” ignores and, regardless of whether there is any truth to it, it’s the way it’s written that catches the eye.

Some of the strangely defensive statements include,

Now You Gonna Believe Us?

BORO fans know just how much local lad Stewart Downing contributes to success for club and country – but will the London-based media admit it when we spell out the stats for them?

And his refusal to quit his hometown for the capital when Spurs came knocking on the door in the summer did not exactly endear him to the London-based pack who report on the national side either.

The Premiership’s own Actim Index ranking system on the Premier League’s official website shows Downing 24th overall this season with 45 index points – while Lennon is ranked outside the top 100.

Last season Downing managed 34 crosses – and four goal assists – in just 12 league games after he recovered from a serious knee surgery picked up on international duty, while Lennon could muster just 24 crosses (three assists) in 27 games.

Hopefully those who make their living building up the reputations of our national heroes and then bringing them crashing down again will think again before making Stewy their latest target once they see the cold, hard evidence.

But if they don’t, we don’t care.

Aside from the ihe irony of saying “we don’t care” in a statement on your official website does anyone know why Middlesbrough suddenly decided to do this? It seems like a reaction to something rather than coming out of the blue. We know there’s already some history and bad blood between the two Premiership clubs, but taking a page from Chelsea’s Guide To PR may not be the best idea right now.

Oh, and since Boro put in the effort, would you rather see Downing or Lennon lining up for England?