Why So Much Hate On Merseyside?

In Forum Focus, we’ll put the spotlight on one of the more interesting message board discussions across the various Premiership club forums.

This time, it’s the boys over at Red White and Kop who are pondering the exact point at which the Merseyside Derby between Liverpool and Everton went from friendly to bitter and filled with hate. After David Moyes shamed Rafa Benitez’s ancestors over the weekend, we imagine things are only going to get worse.

The thread includes theories about said turning point, from Howard Kendall’s them-against-us attitude to racism and bitterness, as well as numerous personal stories from posters explaining their own special reasons for posessing an unflappable hate of everything blue.

The full discussion can be found at the link above and we’d like to hear your thoughts – Liverpool, Everton or otherwise – as to what fuels this particular derby. Some of the more interesting posts from the original thread are below as thought starters:

My Dad reckons after the FA cup Final in ’89. I am not so sure. I think the atmosphere changed quite a lot later than that, 94 -95 I reckon. What’s other people’s views and why do you think the nastiness kicked in ?
Aubrey The Strawberry

Definitley had its roots as early as 87/88 when the Bitter twats threw bananas at John Barnes and started chanting N****rpool.

Howard Kendall and his………’we’d be the bested team in the world and have won the european cup and league every season if it hadn’t been for those pesky liverpool fans’. He started popularising the victim mentality that is the root of most of the shyte we put up with nowadays.

it got worse as their decline got more pronounced……….they sought something to blame and found us. Its turned noticably worse still since moyes arrived and the helm and started spouting this peoples club and heysel monsters spiel everytime a result goes against them