Mourinho: Lampard Is Guilty!

Mourinho has again flown in the face of (minor) public opinion, with the Chelsea boss speaking out in his sarcastic best to support the World’s Second Greatest player – Franky Lamps.

Mourinho said: ‘Something is happening with the English press in relation to Frank Lampard. I spoke to him about it – and for me, he is guilty.

‘He is guilty because you never had a player like him in the last 10 years – and because you never had a player like him in 10 years, you are having a go at him.

‘He is guilty because he scores so many goals, because he plays so many matches, because he plays game after game for Chelsea and England with 100% effort.

‘He is guilty because he beats an unbelievable record of consecutive matches.

‘He is guilty because he is such a good player – but you should respect him a little bit more.’

After Lampard did his best to ruin his fairly innocuous reputation this summer, having his proverbial dad come out and tell everyone to stop bullying him is hardly going to help. Especially when there are a fair few might agree that England and the Premiership haven’t had a player like Lampard for a decade, but for slightly different reasons.