Are West Ham Supporters Getting Nervous?

In Forum Focus, we put the spotlight on one of the more interesting message board discussions from across the various Premiership club forums. This time, it’s courtesy of West Ham fansite extraordinaire,

Sometimes Premiership supporters can find themselves in a rut, with nothing to really excite them other than the next, ultimately disappointing, match.

Not West Ham. With Tevecherano sending the media and supporters into a frenzy, takeover talks bringing conspiracy theorists out of the woodwork, and everyman Alan Pardew fighting to keep his head above it all.

But the fire to any exciting season is medicore results, and West Ham have hit somewhat of a blip compared to the highs of last season’s FA Cup final and European qualification. The distractions of Tevezcherano are rumored to be taking toll on their players both on the pitch and off it.

This leads us to the the subject of today’s Forum Focus, “Should we be worried about the season?

The ‘early days yet‘ is rolled out on more than one occasion but there are some Hammers voicing genuine concerns about the effect on team spirit, especially those displaced by Tevezcherano, and apparently the thought of being ‘too good to go down’ still haunts some, despite the club sitting in the top half.

Even for those who think everything will come good, are there nerves at Upton Park?

Excerpts of some responses to the thread are below, the full discussion is here.

We’re playing rubbish with loads of injuries and we’re top 10. Spurs and Arsenal are playing rubbish with hardly any injuries and are fighting relegation. Point proven.

Post by A New Hope

Ok i know, only played 5 games includig last night, but im yet to see a really good game from us. to play where we left of last year. from what im seeing in not very happy. our defence doesnt even look like the same one from last season. It seems that on each game only one player shine out. and the rest play average or below average. not the team i remeber last year. Harewood isnt smashing them in (nore is any one else abart from Bobby) we seem to be hit on bad injurys. there seems to be a bad feeling with NRC ATM.

Post by Nick W
We had a stable team last season that did well enough in the Prem and got us to a Cup Final. A couple of team strengthing purchases were made and the prime players retained on long term contracts to slowly take us to the next level of being resident in the prem and regular European campaigns.

Then we just could not look a gift horse in the mouth and took on Tevez and Mascherano. On paper it gives us the chance to raise our game and challenge for more. However, has this upset the dynamics of our team? Man City’s title challenge was ruined by the purchase of one of the “most gifted players of his generation” (TM), are we destined to suffer the same!

Post by The Collector

I’m not worried at the moment, no. Disappointed yes, but not worried. I think most of us will agree that our concerns will be realised if we fail to beat a very average Newcastle side on Sunday at home.

Post by Paul The Hammer