Wenger Hilariously Criticises Others For Being Foreign

Arsene Wenger is a fantastic coach, and simply amongst the best ever.

But he’s also a master of making public statements that just baffle and bewilder the average supporter. The “I did not see the incident” trend kicked things off, and now the Arsenal boss has rather humoursly responded by rumors of an Arsenal takeover by criticising clubs that succumb to foreign investment – such as Manchester United, Portsmouth and Chelsea,

“What is so good about Arsenal is we know what we do and why we do it,”

“I feel it is important that English clubs continue to have English values – and that it just doesn’t become who spends more than anybody else.”

Even though he’s talking about foreign owners rather than the composition of the playing squad, the irony of Arsene Wenger going on about maintaing English values at a football club is just too much – especially after their latest record-setting feat.

Just remember, Justin Hoyte might play this weekend.