Oh Dear, Premiership “bung” takers revealed

Well, looks like it’s all coming to a head as BBC Panorama’s programme on ‘bungs’ in the Premiership revelead some shocking, and some rather less shocking culprits. CaughtOffside Arch-Nemesis Sam Allardyce was at the center of the scandal, with payments reportedly being made to his son, Craig.

Included in the accusations, which will need to be backed up to the FA following the program:

• Three agents named in the programme admitted giving bungs.

• Newcastle assistant manager Kevin Bond admitted he would consider discussing receiving payments from agents.

• Frank Arnesen, Chelsea’s director of youth football, offered Middlesbrough 15-year-old England youth star Nathan Porritt £150,000 over three years to move clubs.

• Liverpool also tried to tempt Porritt from Middlesbrough.

• Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp was involved in ‘tapping up’ a player.

See the full details, and expected denials of any wrongdoing from those accused,