Henry Wants To Play For Liverpool

Thierry Henry is a classy bloke and has always come across as speaking his mind without trying to play games or deceive anyone. And his latest interview has proven you don’t need to write an awful, awful book in order to reveal something about yourself,

““A kid asked me on Wednesday if I would have liked to play for another team. Straight away I said Liverpool.”

“First of all, I would have loved to play with Steven Gerrard and second I like the club and their fans. There’s something about Anfield that you can’t explain.”

“I love it when you step out of the dressing-room and you see the Kop, the scarves, and [hear people] singing You’ll Never Walk Alone. Just that, that would do it for me.

“Obviously it can never happen because I love Arsenal too much. There can never be a possibility of playing anywhere else in England.”

Certainly the Frenchman’s words are more praise for Liverpool than any sleight towards his London employers – although it can’t be nice to hear your captain admit such affection for another club’s history, stadium and supporters.