Best Match Atmosphere In The Premiership?

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After Thierry Henry’s Liverpool love-in yesterday, it got us thinking that there are probably a fair few who might actually disagree with the Arsenal striker that Anfield posseses quite such a magical atmosphere these days.

Every set of self-respecting supporters would never admit that they fail to generate more than a peep even when 4-0 up in a derby match, and that Newcastle, Portsmouth and of course Liverpool certainly have the media hype surrounding their famed support. On the other end of the reputation spectrum is Manchester United’s prawn sandwich brigade and the Library that used to house Arsenal. While there is some truth to all of these stereotypes, atmosphere is often down to preference.

So we’re interested to know which stadiums or supporters you think generate the best match atmosphere in the Premiership, and why? And of course, feel free to state the case for your own club.