He’s Gone And Done It Again

Boggs emerges from the depths of despair to fling a few handfuls of his own feces at everyone’s favourite football pundit.

I’ve been slacking, I admit. My promise to myself to react to every piece of “opinion” spewing from a certain ex-footballers mouth fell down at the third hurdle. Luckily, and predictably, I didn’t miss much.

After reading through such quality articles as “It’s A Proud Time To Be A Scot” and “I Can’t Wait For This Sunday“, I’ve come to realise that the contents of Andy “Britain’s Best Football Pundit” Gray’s column really reads more like that of his nighttime diary entries.

Gray’s latest collection of personal thoughts, “Men In Suits Should Hold Fire For Now” could easily apply to his own precarious situation as a man who should really be driving a van masking as a football expert.

Regardless, Andy’s basic point this time is that managers shouldn’t be sacked after five or six matches. Thanks for that.

Throwing out Manchester City’s Stuart Pearce, Newcastle’s Glen Roeder and West Ham’s Alan Pardew as the bosses under threat, Grey’s point that firing a manager a few matches into a season might not be a good idea is certainly right up there with other Grayism’s as “Chelsea are good” and “Liverpool are underachieving”.

And that’s it. I wish I had more opinion on the matter, but neither did Andy.