Greatest Premiership Manager: Ferguson Or Wenger?

Picking between Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger as the greatest manager of the Premiership era is like choosing between children. Two, really old, really different children…ok …so it’s not really like that at all.

Anyway, as Wenger enters his 10th year of a glorious reign at Arsenal and Sir Alex nonchalantly adds another to his 400 years at Manchester United, it seemed an appropriate time to compare the merits of the Premiership’s most dominant and heralded bosses.

We figured we would never be able to do the debate justice with a simple editorial piece and therefore wanted to open the floor to you; the far better informed readers. If you need a refresher or background information on either manager’s career, you can find Sir Alex’s history here, and Wenger’s here.

There are two ways to state your case:

– Send an article to stating your case for either manager and we’ll be posting the best arguments for both in a few days.
– Simply respond in the comments to get instant gratification by having some United supporter or Gooner call you a c*nt without having to wait.