We Want Beckham

New COS writer Digsy ponders the merits of a rather surprisingly popular opinion.

The chances of Steve McLaren throwing David Beckham an England lifeline look slimmer than Crouch’s thighs, but the 71% who recently voted in favour of a Becks recall might be onto something.

Goldenballs is paying the price for Sven’s mistakes. The Swede was wrong to take Theo Walcott to Germany, wrong to strand Wayne Rooney alone up front, and wrong to let Gerrard and Lampard trip over each other in central midfield. He was also wrong to elevate Beckham to God-like status.

But that doesn’t mean the Madrid man should be dumped altogether. He was a victim of Sven’s ineptitude, but has plenty to offer the new boss. By handing in the Three Lions armband, Beckham effectively signified an end to the era of Celebrity England, and a willingness to return to being one of the lads.

Becks is being punished for his high profile, and for being too chummy with Sven. It’s even possible that Steve McLaren’s PR consigliere Max Clifford ordered the Beckham sacrifice, to distance Second Choice Steve from his former boss.

Taken on merit, Becks deserves a spot in the squad. Is Jermaine Jenas really a better midfielder than David Beckham? Is Stewart Downing? Kieran Richardson? You know they aren’t. And his age shouldn’t really be an issue. He’s (just about) young enough to feature at Euro 2008 (younger than Gary Neville, and he’ll likely be there). England squads should be selected on merit, not as homages to Logan’s Run, and definitely not as PR exercises.