Should West Ham Get Rid Of Tevezcherano?

Ever after a crunch board meeting in which the distraction of Tevezcherano and related takeovers was rumored to be on the agenda, the off-pitch problems that accompanied the Argies don’t look like going away any time soon. This time Argentina coach Alfio Basile has put in his two pence, or lira, or whatever they use…

“I hope both of them leave that club as soon as possible,” he told TyC Sports.

“I think they are half-hearted and I’m really worried about that. They play as if they are unenthusiastic.

“I hope for God’s sake that Mascherano can go to Juventus as it has been said, even if he has to play in the second division (in Italy).

“And Tevez can play in any position in the attacking line, but not as a left-winger like he is currently playing.”

Those are some pretty harsh words coming from a pretty influential source – many players have been known to choose football clubs based on how they will help their chances with their national team – and Alfio will probably have a lot more to say to the duo while on international duty. West Ham won over a lot of neutrals last season with their tremendously successful first season back in the Premiership, attacking flair and core of British players. But while BubblyMickey may have taken things a little far, there are certainly a lot of outside influences these days that are not making life any easier for a club that hasn’t scored in five matches.

West Ham already proved they have the talent and manager to succeed before all of this kicked off. So with the Argies settling in slowly, but certainly showing their talent, it would be interesting to know whether West Ham supporters are still ready to be patient and see out the storm or if they would rather be rid of Tevezcherano, takeovers and the media circus altogether?