Everyone Loves Their Clubs Soooo Much

It’s a day for love around the league as players look for the right words to express their love for their clubs. Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack was first,

“I am 30 now and Chelsea could be the last club I will play for,” said Ballack. “I have moved into a house in Wimbledon.

“My family and I really want to feel at home here. I like the atmosphere here, the speed of the game and the fact it seems like there is real competition to win the Premier League every year.”

A bold statement indeed. Few clubs would be so lucky to have a player willing to wittle away the final few years of his career at their club while picking up over 100,000 a week.

Damiem Duff chimed in and said that, although he cried like a girly girl upon leaving Chelsea, he is now sure that he wants to hear those lovable Geordies shouting things at him until the very end. Oh, he also added his name to the list of billions who think Rafa Benitez takes rotation just a tad too far,

“Maybe the gaffer mightn’t want me at Christmas, but I have no plans to be moving again,” Duff told The Sunday Mirror. “That’s me done.

“I look at Chelsea and I know I was 100 percent right to leave.”

“It is as clear as day to me, maybe not to other people, but it is to me.”

“It would have been all very well going to Liverpool and being in and out of the team and picking up your wages, but I just want to play football and still win things.

Two men who have played for Chelsea, two differing opinions on life at the club. No word yet which camp William Gallas falls into.