Does Robinson Deserve It?

The Tottenham keeper certainly doesn’t think so. Anyone who saw the incident would agree the ball was travelling smoothly before popping up at the last minute while Robinson was already mid-swing. Didn’t see it or disagree? Well take a look,

Anyway, with the Premiership about to resume Robinson will be met with the sort of treatment usually reserved for David James after one of his actual blunders, the Portsmouth keeper will be laughing until the 33rd minute of his next match when he spills the ball into his own net off his face.

But should Robinson really be grouped in with Calamity? The Sun have expectedly sunk the lowest, going well out of their way to drag the issue out as long as possible.

How can this be good for England? The divot incident aside Robinson kept England in the match against Croatia with a number of top drawer saves and Stuart Pearce rightly pointed out that heaping unparalleled abuse upon any player who makes a mistake in an England shirt is probably not going to have them performing full of confidence in the next match.