Pardew Out! Pardew Out?

In this week’s Forum Focus, all eyes return to as the inevitable question is asked after 6 successive West Ham losses.

London’s Premiership football club supporters can be a fickle lot, Tottenham are known for it across the land while Arsenal fans question even Thierry Henry every now and then. So it wouldn’t be surprising if the West Ham massive turned their knives on Alan Pardew, Tevezcherano and anyone in the general vicinity of Upton Park after a dismal start to the season.

But, admirably, it appears that couldn’t be further from the truth. member 1895 threw up a Pardew Out poll with the following reason,

1 good season out of 3

6 successive losses

Over 500 minutes without a goal

Doesn’t know how to use or handle big name players

Can’t handle egos in the dressing room

Shows too much favourtism to certain players

Heads not been right since talk of Takeover

Its a results business and he nots producing them

Time for a change

But after 132 votes, 80% are still strongly supporting Pardew to turn it around. Spurs fans have also confident that Martin Jol will get things right after an average start, but would they have been able to swallow 6 losses on the trot and underperforming big signings?

Pardew has admitted he’s feeling the pressure, but it’s great to see that some fans can still see the bigger picture and give a talented manager time to get it right. Unless he relegates them…in which case they’ll probably be a bit upset.

Some key responses from the thread after the jump, full thread here:

This is going to keep coming up until we sort ourselves out.
I’m rapidly losing patience with the manager. How come Martin o’Neil can rejuvenate the same Villa side that was shite last year and Curbs leaves Charlton and the same team becomes a pile of sh*t?
We need a manager that motivate these players clearly Alan Pardew can’t.
Post by Cheltenhammer

havent we learnt from our previous mistake of wanting pardew out. He took us to where we are now and i would rather be having a sh*t season in the prem than a good season in the championship. This is the time when the fans are needed to lift the players. So stop bitching about the manager and get behind everyone.
Post by The Gibbins

Souness? Worthington? Robson? Would all be improvements.
Post by A New Hope

I will admitt that during those two seasons in the Championship I wanted Pardew out but he has won my respect and admiration for what he has done since we beat Ipswich in the play offs. Yes we are in serious trouble and are in a relegation battle but it’s all to easy to hit the panic button and sack the manager but that in my opinion won’t make things any better. West Ham are a club that rarely sacks it’s manager we have a proud history of backing them and to give them every chance to succed Pardew is no different. This is the worst run of results I can remember in my 25 years as a West Ham fan team moral & confidence is in tatters and more than ever we should be getting behind both the manager and players.
Post by Larry