Would Ribery Please Just Sign For Someone?

We like to think we were a couple months ahead on the whole ‘Franck Ribery Rules’ revolution, as we picked him out from a Tottenham scouting report back in November 2005 prior to him being deemed the Messiah just before the 2006 World Cup. Yet, despite our backing, he remains at his old club.

But there are a lot of reasons that the visually-arresting Franck Ribery needs to find a new club soon. One is that he’s still a bit “unproven” for our liking, and the level of hype and constant transfer speculation is getting to be irritating. Yes he had a good World Cup, but remember – Roque Junior has won it. He needs to get his arse to the Premiership so we can see what he can really do, and if his agent is to be believed (haha), it’ll be Arsenal who are the lucky winners despite interest from Manchester United,

“Arsene Wenger likes the player a lot,” Heiderscheid told the News of the World.

“He wanted to take him this summer but Marseille refused to sell. Arsene has made it clear he wants to take him next year.

“Franck would very much like to join Arsenal because of Arsene, the style of football they play and also because his very close friend from the France team, Thierry Henry, plays for them.”

“I can categorically deny there is any agreement with Arsenal at this stage or even negotiations.

“These would have to take place in January at the earliest as we see how the season progresses with Marseille and Franck wants to concentrate on his current club.

“Franck is now a very big player in Europe and it’s true the biggest clubs want him badly.”

Wenger has been signing wingers like Tottenham sign central midfielders, and Ribery is a fiery character that Arsenal could use a little more of. But these rumors need to stop, because we’re really tired of looking at that face every morning.