Allardyce Says Ian Walker Is World Class…Seriously

While we hope to see Carlo Cudicini and Peter Cech are healthy and back in action for Chelsea sooner rather than later, Sam Allardyce has added some humour to a rather unfortunate situation.

The Bolton boss, sensitive to the fact that Jose Mourinho only has one senior keeper available to him after the double injury against Reading, has offered Ian Walker or Oman International Ali Al-Habsi to help out. Sam wants to get his reserve keepers some much needed Premiership playing time. A spokesman for Bolton said,

‘Sam said yesterday we’ve got three world-class keepers in our ranks.

‘He suggested in the last couple of weeks that if we can get these keepers out on loan, then that’s something we will consider. ‘He did say last night that if Jose or Chelsea come enquiring about them, we will certainly talk to them.’

Sam may have a talent for getting the best out of aging players that the rest of the Premiership and football world has given up on, but calling former Tottenham villain Ian Walker and the Oman national keeper ‘world class’ is a bit much.

Next he’ll be saying he was the first to play 4-5-1 in the Premiership and that Chelsea just copied him…oh wait….