Only Eight Percent Of Lampard’s Goals Deflected?

The Guardian Unlimited has fantastic Premiership coverage and, in our books, it just took another step up.

Frank Lampard bashing has become common place, and rather easy, and we’ve taken our fair share of shots at the Chelsea midfielder. Although he did himself no favours by releasing a silly book, the fact that apparently a small, but measurable, percentage of our new readers come from a Google search for “Frank Lampard is sh*t” is rather telling.

Anyway, arguably the most popular dig at the former West Ham man has been the fact that he appears to score the majority of his goals via some sort of unfortunate deflection. The double-deflected strike against Reading being a perfect example. However, at the request of a reader the Guardian has gone and dug up the actual statistics which revealed, rather surprisingly, that only 6 of Frank Lampard’s 73 goals for Chelsea have come via deflection, which is roughly 8%.

It certainly feels like it’s been more than that (and if anyone has the desire and time to challenge the Guardian’s research, please let us know or detail your findings in the comments), but we’re happy to admit that we may have been harsh on the poor lad when it comes to flukey strikes.

Now, anyone want to tell us if he’s really that fat?