Ronaldinho’s Back Against The “Diver’s Football Club”

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CaughtOffside Chelsea diarist SuesieG continues to follow the travels of the Premiership champions.

Ronaldinho’s Long Memory
Ronaldinho revealed today that one his all time worst memories was the late controversial John Terry goal that eliminated Barcelona from the Champions League in 2005. Interestingly enough, I have to admit that whenever I think of Chelsea-Barcelona matches, my first memory is not of THAT Ronaldinho goal in front of the Chelsea net where Ro-Ro barely moved and Ricardo Carvalho danced from side to side like a monkey. Rather, whenever I think of Chelsea-Barcelona matches, my first memory is of a slow motion replay of Lionel Messi’s collision with Asier Del Horno that reduced Chelsea to 10 men, all played out to Freddy Mercury and a fat lady singing “BARCELONA, VIVAAAAA!!!”

Anyways, despite the intense rivalry between these two sides, Ronaldinho insists that today’s fixture does not represent a grudge match for Barca, but rather, a sporting one, which he is relishing. “I am so looking forward to the game”, hee-heed Ro-Ro. “This soccer match is an event, and as always I will try to entertain.”

Good news for us, bad news for the blues. Unfortunately for Chelsea, in the same week that Ronaldinho has regained the form that earned him World Player of the Year, Chelsea goal keepers are in short supply, and that, no doubt that puts pressure on 4th sub goal-keeper John Terry to keep that back line solid. So, while we are guaranteed that a captivating performance by Ronaldinho and co. will leave the rest of us with something to remember, it no doubt unearths some bad reminders of the past for John Terry. For the last time he played against Barcelona, he scored an own goal and was left flat on his backside by the Brazilian.

Divers Football Club
In the days after the Reading-Chelsea, it’s not only Chelsea’s big whigs who have accused everyone from Stephen Hunt to the paramedics at the NHS of complete incompetency. It seems that Didier Drogba has now taken the opportunity to remind us all of some thing worth repeating.

I’m not paranoid, but they hate us. Some people will use any means to beat us.

Drogba’s right, it’s true that some of you do hate Chelsea, and shame on you for being haters!

Unfortunately, however, included in that bunch is one of Chelsea’s very own supporters, or now ex-supporter, AwesomeEV. Ev posted this interesting video which displays some of the finer “means” used by Chelsea, including Mr. Drogba, to win games in the Premiership.

I’m not being paranoid, but some people will use any means to win.