Free Football Highlights, And It’s Legal!

After the “lawyers” at Google decided that posting Premiership football highlights on YouTube was a big no-no, many wondered what harm a grainy video of the Van Persie volley was doing to anyone – and finally we have an answer.

While reporting on the Premier League vs. 101greatgoals battle, the BBC revealed,

But from next season Match Of The Day and MOTD2 will be streamed on broadband as simulcasts with the TV programmes for UK users – meaning all the Premiership goals will be available online for the first time in the UK.

So apparently rather than the Premier League officials just being a bunch of toolbags at least we now know that they’re protecting their own investment and agreements with MOTD and MOTD2.

Fair enough, but it still seems a lot like splitting hairs given that the availability of YouTube footy probably only helped maintain interest in the sport – especially for those who live abroad, in the long run doesn’t that equal more dosh?