Roeder Doesn’t Want Blame Game…Wonder Why?

For all you Newcastle players and anyone else responsible for the club’s terrible Premiership form culminating in a loss to local rivals Middlesbrough over the weekend – you can sleep well at night, Glenn Roeder doesn’t plan to call you out for it,

“You mustn’t feel sorry for yourself,” Roeder told Sky Sports News. “That’s the worst road to go down, as is playing the blame game, if you want – looking at other people and saying you didn’t do your job and I did mine, but we don’t do that.

What a great guy, after all who knows which players, coaches or other people at the club might be made to look bad should Glenn decide to reveal which of them have been key in Newcastle’s struggles. They might even lose their jobs, and that’s the last thing the former West Ham boss wants to happen to all those other people who aren’t up to the challenge.

But they won’t, because Glenn Roeder doesn’t want to play the blame game.