Someone Please Save Poor Beckham

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The current state of David Beckham is really quite sad. Despite a fair bit of public support, a recall to the England squad looks unlikely while Fabio Capello doesn’t seem particularly high on him at Real Madrid. Becks has also come out all teary-eyed about his days at Manchester United in the Premiership,

“It was an accident. I’ve known Ferguson since I was 12-years-old and we have had one or two problems in that time,” he said.

“Maybe he didn’t want me to leave. I don’t think there is any desire on his part for me not to have success. In every way, I hope my luck changes.”

“I have friends – Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Michel Salgado – but we don’t go out together enough.

“At Manchester I was there 15 years and every day, every match, we were united, win or lose.

“Every 15 days we went out together to dinner with all the players, including times when Ferguson and all the coaches came.

“In the three years I’ve been here we have done that four times.”

Poor Becks needs some friends, as Posh doesn’t really seem like the fun type. There are already noises coming out of Newcastle and Tottenham supporters regarding the possible acquisition of Beckham, and a return to the Premiership would almost certainly be his next move should he decide to leave or be forced out of Real. At a rumored 5 million, he’d be value for his set pieces alone and, of course, he’d pay for himself.
To be honest, we’ve always been fans of Becks. He’s almost always come across as honest and trying to be the best footballer he can be and, despite all the media attention, generally tries to be positive and certainly doesn’t come across as half as bad as some others.


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