West Ham Finally Spared

After an incredible run of bad luck on and off the pitch, West Ham have finally been spared more distraction as former England boss and part time Dracula impersonator Sven Goran Eriksson has been dismissed as potential replacement for Alan Pardew. The Swede’s amusingly named agent Athole Still told TalkSport,

‘I would say that he is very close to being back in football.

‘There are a couple of possibilities that I think will crystallise at the beginning of the year but it is highly unlikely that it will be in the UK.

‘I want to get the whole Tel Aviv thing out of the way. He’s known Papouchado for years; he’s met him many times in London, as the guy is a football nut. ‘It was a personal invitation for Sven to go down there. West Ham were never mentioned at any time in the three days he was down there.’

Not that Sven is a bad coach, his club and arguably international achievements speak for themselves, but if Eriksson does return to the Premiership the media will have a field day. Anything less than 100 consecutive wins and 19 FA cups in his first season would result in him being hounded out before he even has time to shag the club secretary. For a club and supporters that probably just want to get on with the football, hiring Sven may not be a step in the right direction.

You can see the lads at reacting to the news, here.