Benitez Attack: The Quotes

In case you haven’t been paying attention to anything relating to the Premiership today, the *cough* Daily Mirror printed “quotes” from an un named Liverpool director regarding the relatively poor start that Rafa Benitez’ side has endured this Premiership season,

“We have paid too many inflated prices and inflated wages for players who are not doing the job,”

“When it comes to any manager, the view of the board has always been to let them get on with it. We do not believe in interfering.

“But the day will come when we may not be that way inclined any more. We have always been very respectful of any manager we appoint. The view has always been the same one, the right one – that the manager must stand or fall by his efforts.

“But one thing that we can’t hide is that we have to be in the Champions League every season and if we do not qualify it will be a major problem.

“The budget we have set up is still in balance if we do not get into the Champions League. But if we are to make investment in the team we are talking about £20m of income we need to have every season.”

“We were looking to do something in the league. We thought it would be this year and it’s not going to happen now.

“Normally, by the time you get to October, you’d expect the manager to know his best team and stick with it but there are no signs of that happening now. I don’t think he could tell you what his best team is.”

Apparently Liverpool are investigating who made these statements, although the fact that they are printed by in the Mirror may answer that in itself.

Arguments about squad rotation don’t look quite so bad now.