Newcastle Fans Deserve Better, Surely?

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Haven’t Newcastle fans suffered enough?

The trophyless Toon were so close to Premiership glory before Kevin Keegan had that mental breakdown and handed Man United the title. Then came Kenny Dourglish, the very unsexy football of Ruud Gullit, the ill-advised sacking of Bobby Robson, and the frankly insane decision to hire Graeme Souness. So do the Geordie faithful really need Sven Goran Eriksson inflicted on them now?

After more than half a decade of Sven, every English man woman and child has had enough of the Swedish bungler, but he somehow keeps being linked with English clubs. First it was Aston Villa, then it was West Ham and now poor old Newcastle. Is there anyone you’d be more depressed to see unveiled as your team’s new manager than Svennis? Not a bad manager, but “media circus” is putting it lightly.

Freddy Shepard and Sven’s agent AssAthole Still may have denied any agreement or discussions between Sven and Newcastle, but when has the word of a chairman and an agent meant anything?

And so the game of Russian roulette that is Sven’s attempt to find a Premiership job, continues…


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