Slakr: Liverpool Revival? What Liverpool Revival?

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Slakr’s a huge Liverpool fan. So when he came out of hiding to complain about Liverpool’s positive press, we were naturally a little surprised. Here’s why he doesn’t think there any revival going on here:

If you’ve been reading the “news” articles before and after Liverpool’s victory over Reading, you’d have to think that Liverpool were a team charging their way up the Premiership tables. That after a bitterly disappointing start, they’ve completely changed their ways and are looking like they’re ready to challenge the leaders at the top of the table. It’s true that there is a team in that position — that team is Arsenal. Liverpool’s four victories on the trot are neither a turnaround nor a surprise. If they win their next three I’ll sit up and take notice.

Liverpool have dropped 2 points at home this season, in a draw to Blackburn. So forgive me if I’m not shocked when we beat Reading (twice), Bordeux and Aston Villa. Don’t get me wrong — they’re all good sides, but we’ve shown throughout the last year that when we’re at Anfield we’re a great side. So I’m jumping for joy at these victories, I’m just not sure we’ve turned anything around yet. Put a couple past Brum in the Carling Cup and I’ll start changing my mind. Score a few (unanswered ideally) at the Emirates and I’ll post an article myself about this revival. But while Robbie Fowler’s penalty from the opening day of the season remains the only away goal we’ve scored in the league, you cannot seriously tell me that Liverpool have revived anything.