Wenger Eyesight To Blame For Pardew Bust Up?

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Digsy has an explanation for the Wenger and Pardew handbags incident.

When Alan Pardew (over) celebrated Marlon Harewoods 89th minute winner for West Ham against Arsenal, Arsene Wenger appeared to lose his rag in a “Best Of” Premiership moment.

Who knew Arsene Wenger was capable of acting like that? The Arsenal boss is calm, collected, intelligent. Occasionally he “doesn’t see” things but even that comes with an invisible wink. Doesn’t it? But maybe Wenger really is visually impaired. That would explain what happened at Upton Park yesterday.

First Wenger appears to go for Pardew, with only the fourth official holding him back. But maybe he just couldn’t make out what Pardew was doing. Maybe he thought his fellow manager was in trouble, having some sort of epileptic seizure. Wenger was just being a humanitarian and seeing if he could help out, and when the fourth official told him Pardew was fine, just excited that his team had scored, a relieved Arsene returned to his dugout to ponder his thwarted Samaritanism, and how to go about getting an equaliser with no time left on the clock.

Soon after, the whistle goes and Wenger appears to refuse Pardew’s handshake. Pretty rude and kind of shocking from the usually suave Frenchman. But what if he just doesn’t see it? How can you shake a hand you don’t see?

So let’s not condemn Wenger for his actions, let’s take him by the arm and guide him to the nearest Specsavers.