Cole Opens Mouth…More Crap Comes Out

BubblyMickey is all for questioning referees upon bad decisions, but has no patience for Ashley Cole.

Ashley Cole, Former Worldclass Arsenal Left Back And Current Mediocre Chelsea Defender, on the refereeing during Chelsea’s 2-1 Premiership loss to Tottenham

‘With my booking, I said to him, `I’m more than 10 yards. Why should I go back if I am more than 10 yards?’

Because he’s the referee and you are the player, just as in any other sport in the entire world. So shut up.

‘And he said, `Because I said so.’ I said, ‘But I’m more than 10 yards,’ and that was it. Yellow card. No warning or explanation.’

The warning and explanation is the rulebook, if the wall refuses move then it gets booked. Everyone knows it, it’s your fault for being an arrogant, prissy idiot. So shut up.

‘I’m not moaning, I’m really not, but we really shouldn’t lose a game like that.’

Yes you are moaning and everything that has ever come out of your mouth has been useless and whingy. So shut up.

‘It’s definitely to do with the team that’s winning most. Chelsea are not a dirty team. It’s crazy. We have to stick together, put this game behind us, look forward to the next one and win it.’

Really? Last time I checked the entire Premiership moaned about how Manchester United were given every beneficial referee decision possible during their decade of dominance. And the general feeling is still that the “Big Clubs” get things their way.