Platini Reckons Henry Should Have Left Arsenal

Taking a break from saying how much he loves refereeing errors, France legend Michel Platini reckons Arsenal captain Thierry Henry’s should’ve left the Premiership for Barcelona when he had the chance,

“I sincerely believe he made a mistake in not signing for Barcelona.

“I told him so and said the same to Barca president Joan Laporta.

“Henry would have grown a lot at Barcelona.

“Thierry Henry is a truly great player and is on the verge of overtaking me as a goalscorer for France.

“However, he hasn’t achieved the same category of other great stars.

“Why? Because he lacks playing in a great team and winning titles with his club like he has done with France, where he has been European and world champion.”

“It would have been a spectacle without comparison to see Thierry together with Ronaldinho, Eto’o, Messi, Deco and company. Henry would have enjoyed all the beauty and Barcelona would have been an even better team without equals.”

We’re big fans of Thierry Henry’s decision to stay loyal to Arsenal and loyal to the man who made him what he is today, Arsene Wenger. It was a decision that went against what every pundit and rival (Tottenham) supporter assumed would happen and showed the kind of passion and loyalty that is constantly talked about, but all but absent from the modern game.

But Henry did decide to stay on the back of the potential he saw in his side after last season’s Champions League final run and given that the London club has yet to fire on all cylinders and is still a side of potential, a LOT of potential, rather than the finished product, maybe Platini does have a point. In a few seasons time if Wenger’s Babes are still finding their feet the 29 year-old striker may look back on last season’s decision as the one that cost him the only major trophy – domestic or internationally – that he lacks.

Then again, with Barcelona currently sitting 3rd in their Champions League qualifying group, maybe not.