Dear Premiership, Beckham Is STILL Available

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The rumours of a David Beckham move to LA Galaxy are getting louder, with MLS Commissioner Don Garber weighing the financial implications of such a deal. But surely there are still enough Premiership teams who could do with a former world class right midfielder? We’ve said so, Soccerlens has said so, so surely that’s enough to convince anyone? Or at least Harry Redknapp?

Maybe Goldenballs doesn’t have the legs for Manchester United, Arsenal or Chelsea anymore. His Red Devil loyalties probably rule out a move to Liverpool or Manchester City (though that didn’t stop Peter Schmeichel) too. But the former Brylcream boy could definitely do a job at Newcastle or newly minted Aston Villa where Becks could add further legitimacy to the O’Neill revival. Transfer fees or wages generally aren’t an issue since, as every hack knows, Beckham pays for himself in shirt sales or something.

Despite his age it would be pretty difficult for most of these clubs to argue that there isn’t a place for someone of Beckham’s current ability in their squad or first team. As with the rest of his career, the sole ability to put in a decent cross still makes him more valuable than a lot of Premiership players.

A few of the clubs mentioned would have sounded like ridiculous destinations for Brooklyn and Romeo’s daddy not so long ago. But if he’s seriously considering a move to LA Galaxy, a team so poor this year they didn’t even make the MLS Playoffs, then surely he’ll play anywhere.