How Are The Summer Transfers Doing?

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Magnus had a go at grading everyone else’s signings, and he got heavily abused by the readers to the great amusement of the rest of the staff.

Now it’s time to get the answers from the horses’ mouth (that would be you) on how the Premiership’s summer signings have been doing so far. And we’re not talking about just who’s scoring goals who is or isn’t, but from a more thoughtful perspective – who has shown potential? Who did something that made you get out of your seat? Who looks to be a complete waste of money regardless of time or effort? That sort of silliness.

It’s early days yet, but with a few Premiership and cup matches out of the way it’s just about the right time to get some initial impressions.

There are easy ones like the disappointing impact thus far of West Ham’s Tevezcherano or Chelsea’s Andrei Shevchenko or the outstanding performances of Andy Johnson at Everton or Pascal Chimbonda at Tottenham. But then there are those in the slightly grey area, has Jermaine Pennant been worth his fee to Liverpool? Is Tomas Rosicky an adequate replacement for Robert Pires? Will Didier Zokora fill the hole left by Michael Carrick? Will Michael Carrick fill the hole left by Roy Keane? Will William Gallas fill the hole left by Ashley Cole? Is Stilian Petrov the next…uh…whoever the last good Aston Villa midfielder was?

There are also plenty of iffy transfers, Damien Duff has somehow made the relative pittance Newcastle paid for him suddenly seem like a waste of money, Nicolas Anelka hasn’t taken Bolton to the next level.

So in not so many words, or maybe more, let us know:

1) Who you support
2) Who has been your best signing(s) so far and why?
3) Who has been your most disappointing signing(s) and why?