Show Of Hands For Beckham?

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Jodo isn’t sure why everyone, including himself, seems against Beckham’s return to the Premiership.

When David Beckham was linked (rather loosely) to Blackburn Rovers and Tottenham this week, I instantly reacted as any fan of a mid-table Premiership side would – what a fantastic signing that would be. My response was met by friends and loved ones with jeers of “hypocrite!”

I have always been of the opinion that David Beckham shouldn’t be guaranteed his place on the right of England’s midfield (although I do feel he warrants a place in the squad Mr. McClaren). Aaron Lennon and Shaun Wright-Phillips offer the team more pace and skill to open up teams, which is essential when Lampard and Gerrard seem intent on tripping over each other. Beckham’s time has come and gone, and his club coach Fabio Capello seems to agree. He does though possess a talent like no other footballer in the world, his most precious skill – the ability to sell shirts in the American and Asian market.

IF David Beckham was to sign for Blackburn in January (and I fully understand this is very unlikely), I would be ecstatic. While some people may disagree – Beckham would pay his own wages and then some, he would increase our global reputation on a much grander scale and let’s face it, he’s still a very good right midfield player that most Premiership strikers would love to have supplying crosses and through balls. It was a lot easier to be against all things Beckham when there was no chance of him playing for my club.

So, let’s all be honest for a minute and put aside our bias against a bloke who’s married to Posh Spice and constantly looks like he’s doing Blue Steel.

How would you feel if Beckham was to sign for your club? Happy at signing a world superstar with a couple decent years left to give or discontent at paying the wages of an ageing prima-donna?