Racist Comment Puts England Star In Hot Water?

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Apparently there are some rather more serious issues going on in the England camp besides a bout of sicknotes, as the The Voice is claiming that some sort of severe racist comment made by one of the England players is causing a bit of a ruckus behind closed doors.

Allegedly, of course. Because there’s a good chance this is all bollocks with sources as respectable as Andy Gray’s endeavour to be a respected pundit, although the Telegraph did pick it up.

But the interesting part from the article is that the alleged incident did not actually occur while the players were on England duty but rather during a Premiership match:

For legal reasons the players concerned cannot be named but it is understood the incident is alleged to have taken place during a top-flight match in London.

How interesting. Since The Voice is saying they can’t name anyone for legal reasons, we’ll go ahead and assume that we can’t either. But the most high profile Premiership match we can remember in the past few weeks in London was the Chelsea-Tottenham derby a few weeks ago.

Now if we could only remember if there was some incident of note during that match between two England squad members.

[Update 1: Apparently, when asked about the alleged incident by the Tottenham Supporters Trust, Tottenham themselves have denied that any racist comment was made by any player during the Tottenham-Chelsea derby]