Manchester United Get The (Sort Of) Last Laugh

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The transfer saga of John Obi Mikel would have been difficult to make up. A young lad who was supposed to be the future of African, and possibly World football at just 18 embarked on a tabloid-ready journey to the Premiership. It involved contract disputes, changes of heart, multiple agendas and ultimately a bizarre transfer that had Chelsea paying his club 4 million and Manchester United 12 million despite the fact that Obi Mikel had not so much as kicked a ball for Sir Alex.

Fast forward to this season and Obi Mikel has been sent off on his Premiership debut while stories of Jose Mourinho being furious at his unprofessionalism off the pitch and in training (when he turns up on time) are rife. Not really the best start.

He’s still a wee lad and there’s plenty of time for him to turn it around, but those who get their knickers in a knot at the mention of the fairness of Chelsea’s spending power won’t be too pleased that the club can quite happily blow 16 million pounds – more than most Premiership club’s entire transfer budget – on a teenager and let him rot in the reserves until he learns to be a good boy.