New West Ham Owner Panders To The Crowd

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So as the rather strange looking and aptly named Eggert Magnusson has his takeover bid accepted by the West Ham shareholders, the club looks set for some big changes – although probably on the level of Portsmouth and perhaps Aston Villa rather than Chelsea.

Icelandic businessman Eggert, or “Eggsy” as his close friends call him, wasted no time in rolling out the words any supporter wants to hear from new ownership,

1) Throw support behind a popular manager

‘I will be continuing talks with Alan Pardew on how he sees the future on the playing side. This is very much his domain and he has my full confidence and support.

2) Promise a brim-filled transfer kitty

‘He already knows that funds will be made available for the January transfer window but we need to discuss his needs and the investment that might be required to strengthen the squad.’

3) Talk about a lovely new stadium

‘However, if there is an opportunity to discuss a long-term move to the Olympic Stadium I would like to explore that, recognising that there will also need to be an athletics legacy from the London 2012 Olympic Games.’

4) Show you know your history

‘As we move forward we must not forget the club’s great traditions, particularly in the training and development of young English players.
‘All the way back to 1966 and the World Cup winning team of Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters, this is something that I have admired about the club. I am very committed to protecting and growing this part of the club’s work.’

It all sounds fine and dandy right now, but these trendy takeovers can go a lot of different ways as Manchester United, Chelsea, Portsmouth and Aston Villa have shown. Admittedly with the exception of Manchester United, each of those clubs has shown a remarkable improvement under new, considerably richer, ownership – so some good times may finally be coming as, with Christmas approaching, West Ham really need to turn their Premiership season around.

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