Worst Fans Ever.

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There seems to be a wave of rather unsavoury behaviour sweeping through the Premiership this season. First, everyone and their nan seems to be blasting the referees either by questioning their ability to the press or telling them to go stick various objects in various places.

Now, the supporters are getting in on the action. A bout of friendly coin throwing to start things off, and now Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp has had to blast a section of Pompey fans on the net for the abuse they’ve been directing at Lua Lua – including gloating in the death of his child.

Last weekend Glenn Roeder, as if he wasn’t dealing with enough at Newcastle, allegedly had to endure disgusting chants of ‘tumor boy’ from some Arsenal fans at the Emirates although neither Roeder nor any Arsenal officials heard it for themselves (although it doesn’t matter much for some).

With this Premiership season already shaping up to be one of the most exciting in years with a number of clubs sorely over or under achieving already – it would be a great shame if an inability of players or a couple of idiotic supporters to behave themselves overshadowed the football any more than it already has.

So next time you’re at a ground and some prat is making an idiot out of himself, just do us all a favour and deliver a swift punch to the bollocks.