Manchester United Captain Lets Them Lose

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After Louis Saha missed a late penalty that would have earned Manchester United a draw instead of another disappointing Champions League loss that continues to counter their fine Premiership form, Neil Lennon told the Guardian that United captain Gary Neville had no faith that Saha would put it away because the French striker had missed a golden opportunity just minutes earlier,

“Gary Neville actually came across to me and said about Saha, ‘his head has gone, he’s going to miss this,” said Lennon

Probably not the best when your captain is telling the opposition that he has no faith in your penalty taker, but surely if he really believed what he was saying it’s his duty as the leader on the team to do something about it? Otherwise what good is he as captain if not to act in the best interests of the team? Roy Keane wouldn’t have stood by and passive aggressively criticised, he would’ve broken Saha’s legs before letting him take the penalty if he thought he’d miss.

As some old git once said, “With great power comes great responsibility”.