Fans Thrown Out For Doing It In The Stadium Loo

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In a not-at-all surprising bit of Premiership news, a couple of Aston Villa supporters decided that doing the sideways tango in the loos at the JJB was more interesting that watching Villa and Wigan grind out a 0-0. Although they probably weren’t sideways, because that would be disgusting.

A club source said: “Two Aston Villa fans, a male and a female, were discovered after having spent over half an hour in the disabled toilets in the away end of the stadium.

“Noises had been heard coming from the inside the toilet.

“Stewards knocked on the door and asked the couple to come out which they did. They were asked to leave and did so without any fuss. They were quite embarrassed.”

One onlooker said: “It was quite obvious they weren’t disabled.”

Not that the thought has never crossed the mind of many a CaughtOffside staffer, but after a quick show of hands (email hands) it seems that no one has actually attempted this unique way of scoring at a Premiership match. Maybe one day when clubs like Arsenal or Manchester United add to their state-of-the-art stadiums, more comfy loos will be on the agenda.

If anyone out there has had more success, feel free to let us know.

[Via The Offside]